Our company

With 68 years of history, we act with the proposition of offering Solutions for Better Living to customers and consumers in Brazil and in more than 50 countries where our products are available.

We are the largest producer of manufactured wood panels and of sanitary ware and metals in the southern hemisphere and leaders in the domestic market in these segments. We act in three business areas:

Encapsulates the forestry segment, in which eucalyptus is produced in more than 251 thousand hectares of forests, which are used in the production of MDP (Medium Density Particle Board), MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) and HDF (High Density Fiber Board) panels, laminate and vinyl flooring, finishing accessories and skirting boards.

We are responsible for conservation áreas and we are diligent in the employment of the best practices of management and conservation of native areas.

Sanitary ware, metals, electric showerheads and faucets with the Deca and Hydra brands.

Ceramic tiles
for walls and floors and roof tiles marketed under the Ceusa brand.

We have with 11,163 own employees in Brazil and Colombia, committed to the Way of Being and Doing (our corporate culture) and to Duratex 2025 (our strategic planning). This team is one of the competitive differentials that enables us to preserve a privileged position in all of our business areas. Our trading instruments are listed on the B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão Stock Exchange, under code DTEX3, in which we are part of the Novo Mercado segment, which contains companies that voluntarily adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance, and the Corporate Sustainability Index or ISE (its acronym in Portuguese).

Main shareholders

Main shareholders* Includes family-held interests.
ícone - 11.130 mil own employees

own employees

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

7 forestry units and
16 industrial facilities

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

3 production facilities
in Colombia

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

R$8.16 billion
– our market value
at the end of 2018

What we are like

  • We strive for a close relationship with our customers and consumers.
  • We respond to customer demands in a simple and efficient way.
  • We work in pursuit of greater productivity and the best results and our insistence on having impeccable quality in all our activities.
  • We anticipate trends and provide unique and inspiring experiences.
  • We enable solutions that save on natural and economic resources.

We are willing to continually challenge our own business model and seek new opportunities to ensure business sustainability and create value for our stakeholders. We also invest heavily in the process of digital transformation. We adopted new working methodologies, expanded the use of data for decision making and created an area dedicated specially to putting us side by side with the most modern in the world. Our goal is to be a company that is increasingly focused on our consumers.

In this respect, since 2016 we have been involved in a process of cultural transformation and revitalization, in which, as part of a co-creation initiative, we have defined Duratex's Way of Being and Doing, based on four attributes (People, Processes, Customers and Results) and the behaviors we expect from our employees as well as those we do not tolerate. The purpose of this strategy is to gain efficiency and assertiveness in decisions and to become even more innovative, maintaining our leading role in the segment in which we operate.

Our commitment with the future translates into our strategic plan Duratex 2025, which guides our actions and decision-making for business growth in four avenues (Digital Platform, Systems for Living Spaces, Water Solutions and Forestry Solutions), and in our Sustainability Strategy, which sets concrete goals to be fulfilled until 2025 and is related to eight topics associated with the People, Processes and Products and Services pillars.

ícone pessoas - Workshop

Over 27,000 hours of workshops regarding our corporate culture were offered in 2018.

Ícone mundo - Sustentabilidade

We are committed to achieving 45 of sustainability goals by 2025.

Ícone pessoa - Inovação

We have invested 2% of our revenue in innovation.

Ícone caderno - Estratégia

More than 90% of employees of all functions trained on the strategic plan.

How we do business

We are open and flexible in our approach to understanding our customers and consumers, because we want to have them more and more as partners, with whom we evolve and learn. We also want to be supporters and promoters of ideas and businesses capable of increasingly qualifying the sectors in which we operate, promoting well-being for the whole society. This includes our commitment to being more and more efficient with regard to environmental issues as well. We look for ways to increasingly reduce the consumption of natural resources, from production to consumption of our services and products, preserving quality, design and innovation.

We also listen to the communities in which we are present to be partners in promoting development, creating or supporting projects and initiatives that can change the reality of people.

All this is done without forgetting that in order to distribute value, we must create it. Thus, we have adopted a diligent, rational and strategic operational and financial management, which is becoming more and more accurate and prepares us to capture the resumption of economic growth in Brazil in the coming periods.

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

R$1.9 million in Private Social Investment.

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

Increases of 24% in net revenue in comparison to 2017.

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

We have saving options for 100% of our finished metals.

ícone colaboradores - 11.130 mil colaboradores próprios

95% of the energy mix in panels comes from renewable sources.

Economic value distributed in 2018