Dexco is a Brazilian company, publicly listed since 1951, with stocks traded in the stock exchange (B3) under the DXCO3 ticker. 

We are Brazil’s leading industrialized wood panel manufacturer, the Southern Hemisphere’s leading sanitary ware maker, and one of the country’s ceramic tiles top sellers.

Since 2009, the company has been listed in B3’s Novo Mercado (New Market), a testament to its high corporate governance standards. Additionally, since 2008, it has been listed in the ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index) portfolio, which goes to show our commitment to environmental and social responsibility matters.

Dexco is born out of a 70-year history

In 2021, after seven decades operating in the market, we reached a major milestone that allowed us to live a new phase: change. We became a more modern company and, fittingly, embarked on a new digital journey that makes Dexco a 21st century company: more modern and even closer to consumers.

The change consolidated our profile as a company focused on end-users and their journey. The new brand’s promise – Live Spaces – cements our purpose to offer Solutions to Live Better and translates our newly-shifted focus on people.

This move marked the beginning of a new investment cycle that gives us strength to continue fulfilling our purpose. We continually combine form and function.

At the center of what we do is the belief that a flawless design makes the relationship between people and any kind of space more balanced and pleasant, whether it is a work, leisure, or relaxation space, or the environment at large. Design that dazzles, simplifies, represents, preserves, and transforms these spaces. That is why we believe spaces are there to be lived.

To that end, through our brands – Deca, Portinari, Hydra, Duratex, Castelatto, Ceusa, Durafloor – we offer solutions that combine looks and function, providing comfort and wellness. We play an important role in society and, from the outset, environmental, social, and governance matters have guided our discussions about the future of the company.

Constantly seeking to attract new, money-making businesses that resonate with the company’s purpose remains a strong guideline for this new phase. Thus, we have become a new company: more digital, open, dynamic, and integrated.


Wood, Deca, and Tiles


Industrial and Forestry sites in Brazil and Colombia


Joint-venture with Austria’s Lenzing to build a new water-soluble cellulose plant in Minas Gerais

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Fund for investments in start-ups and scale-ups


Dexco operates in three divisions: Wood, Deca, and Tiles

Wood Division

Our Wood Division makes and sells MDP and MDF panels under the Duratex brand, which has been recognized throughout its history, in addition to laminated and vinyl flooring, under the Durafloor brand. In the Forestry segment, with over 140K hectares of land, where eucalyptus trees are grown using state-of-the-art technology, the company employs the best management practices to protect native land. Dexco also has three panel factories in Colombia. Find out here: duratex.com.co/nosotros/

Tiles Division

The Tiles Division makes and sells flooring, wall and roof tiles under the Ceusa and Portinari brands, whose innovation, quality, and advanced technology set them apart in the market. As 2021 drew to a close, the company reported the purchase of their latest brand, Castelatto, a leading premium flooring and architectural concrete tiles brand, adding groundbreaking, uniquely-styled solutions that Dexco seeks to offer its customers and consumers so they can live their spaces even more.

The bulk of sales is generated in the domestic market, as well as in over 50 countries we export to.

Deca Division

Deca sanitary ware, bathroom fixtures, showerheads, and electric showers under the Deca and Hydra brands.

LD Celulose

In 2019, Dexco teamed up with Austria’s Lenzing AG, forming the LD Celulose joint venture to produce Water-Soluble Cellulose. The plant, built in the Triângulo Mineiro (MG) region, can produce 500K tons per year and began operating in April 2022.

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Paraíba - João Pessoa

Endereço: R. José Antônio Ferreira de Miranda, 1478 - Dist. Industrial - João Pessoa - PB
Cep: 58083-050

Pernambuco - Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Tronco Distribuidor Rodoviário - KM 01 - Suape - Cabo de Santo Agostinho - PE
Cep: 54590-000

Sergipe - Aracaju

Endereço: Rua Guaporé, 527 - Siqueira Campos - Aracaju - SE
Cep: 49025-040

São Paulo - Jacareí

Endereço: Rua Rodolfo Anselmo, 385 – Jardim Emília – Jacareí – SP
Cep: 12321-510

São Paulo - Jundiaí

Endereço: Av. Antonio F. Ozanam - 11.900 Dist. Ind. - Jundiaí - SP
Cep: 13214-001

São Paulo - Jundiaí

Endereço: Av. Antonio F. Ozanam - 12.000 - Dist. Ind. - Júndiaí - SP
Cep: 13214-001

São Paulo - São Paulo

Endereço: R. Comendador Sousa - 135 - Água Branca - São Paulo - SP
Cep: 05037-090

Rio de Janeio - Queimados

Endereço: Rodovia Presidente Dutra - Km 197 - Distrito Industrial - Queimados - RJ
Cep: 26373-320

Minas Gerais - Uberaba

Endereço: Av. Bernardo Seibel - 700 - Dist. Industrial | - Uberaba - MG
Cep: 38056-610

Minas Gerais - Uberaba

Rod. BR 452, s/nº, Zona Rural, KM 1988
Cep: 38.160-000

Rio Grande do Sul - Taquari

Endereço: R. Julio de Castilho - 1787 - Coqueiro - Taquari - RS
Cep: 95860-000

São Paulo - Agudos

Rod. Mal. Rondon - KM 323 - Zona Rural - Agudos - SP
Cep: 17120-000

São Paulo - Itapetininga

Rod. Raposo Tavares - KM 172,1 - Marabá - Itapetininga - SP
Cep: 18203-340

São Paulo - Lençóis Paulista

Estrada Rio Claro, nº 21.500, Vila Virgilio Capoani
Cep: 18681-090

Santa Catarina - Urussanga 1

Endereço: Rua Lúcia Delfino da Rosa, 255 - Estação - Urussanga - SC
Cep: 88840-000

Santa Catarina - Urussanga 2

Endereço: Rodovia Genézio Mazon, s/n, Km19 - São Pedro - Urussanga - SC
Cep: 88840-000

Santa Catarina - Criciúma 1

Endereço: Rod. BR 101, 2585 - Km 392.5 - Vila São Domingos - Criciúma - SC
Cep: 88812-600

Santa Catarina - Criciúma 2

Endereço: Rod. Luiz Rosso, 9.997 - Quarta Linha - Criciúma - SC
Cep: 88803-470

São Paulo - Atibaia

Endereço: R. Antônio da Cunha Leite, 3070 – Atibaia – SP
CEP: 12948-110

São Paulo

Endereço: Av. Paulista - 1938 - Bela Vista São Paulo - SP
Cep: 01310-942