Innovation forms the base of our culture and strategy. We integrate human capital, technology, and data to get closer to our consumers and their needs, as well as to make our operations more efficient, leading to a more competitive, sustainable, timely, and safer business.


This is our Corporate Venture Capital, the ideal structure to invest in start-ups with high short-term growth potential and long-term value creation.

Through this investment fund, we map out and keep up with macro transformation and innovation trends in Brazil’s construction, refurbishment, and decoration industry. The investments propel our current business and boost the development of relevant business and new growth opportunities for Dexco that strategically fit with our purpose to offer Solutions to Live Better.

Scale-ups that received investments:

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Open Dexco, our program for open innovation and relationship with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In this program, we map out the main pain points, opportunities, and everyday challenges in our business and corporate areas, which can add value to Dexco.

Aware of these challenges, we seek and co-create solutions with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, hiring Brazilian and foreign start-ups and scale-ups to tackle these challenges through a pilot project.

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Our program to create and qualify Dexco’s intra-entrepreneurs, identifying, training, and recognizing them.

Here, employees play a leading role. They come up with ideas and are rewarded for the results their ideas bring. Additionally, we propose an annual challenge and the prize is announced across Dexco during Innovation Week.

All of our employees in Brazil and Colombia have access to the platform and can submit their innovative ideas.

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Our partners in the innovation ecosystem

What is the Open Dexco program?

In this open innovation program, we map out the main daily challenges faced by our business and corporate areas to then seek solutions within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How to submit my solution/startup to Dexco?

Go to and submit your solution/startup in the challenge that best fits your solution or our partner database, clicking on Take on a New Endeavor with us.

Does Dexco have an investment channel in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Yes! Dexco has two open innovation initiatives: Open Dexco and DX Ventures. Open Dexco is a program in which we identify and prioritize everyday challenges, and seek to address them with the help of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. DX Ventures is our Corporate Venture Capital, through which Dexco invests in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What is DX Ventures’ focus?

DX Ventures seeks minor investment opportunities in start-ups and scale-ups, at several stages, with potential to bring relevant strategic return to Dexco. So far, the fund has invested in three ventures: Urbem, Noah, and Brasil ao Cubo, and secured an initial investment of R$ 100M.

How to submit and secure an investment in my solution/start-up through DX Ventures?

Contact us through our LinkedIn. We are also connected to major innovation hubs, actively seeking start-ups that can help us secure business and everyday opportunities. Additionally, DX Ventures is co-managed by Valetec, a managing company specialized in Corporate Venture Capital funds.


How to contact our Innovation Team?

It will be our pleasure to talk to you about corporate events, benchmarks, and partnerships. E-mail us at and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.