Dexco has a history of commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance matters that has always been part of its journey. We were born with these intrinsic values in our operations.

We believe that cultivating a keen eye for ESG matters is essential for the company’s longevity and we know the role we play in society, which goes beyond the limits of our operations.

Aware of the need and our company’s capacity to evolve, we have developed our Sustainability Strategy in line with the current global scenario and our purpose to offer people not only products, but Solutions to a Better Living!

Sustainability Strategy

Our 3 major commitments:

Make the construction and renovation journey easier
Ensure sustainable growth and keep a positive carbon balance
Promote health and wellbeing in environments
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Integrated Report

In this year’s document, we present the main initiatives and results of 2023, aiming to create long-term value and promote a more sustainable and fair future. The Integrated Report is the Company’s main document dealing with environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance issues.

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Indices and Initiatives