Relations with the Community

Within the ESG concept, when it comes to social, there are two sides: our internal public, our employees, and society. Keeping a frequent, close relationship with local communities around our sites is part of Dexco’s social strategy to promote local development.

This relationship tends to be even more efficient and successful if there is a direct conversation channel with its representatives. To that end, we have developed two very important initiatives: Agente da Gente (People’s Agent) and Rodas de Diálogo (Conversation Roundtables).

Local labor hiring

In job openings, Dexco prioritizes, through its internal selection processes, dissemination among its employees, aiming to provide opportunities for movement and growth. In external communications, local hiring is prioritized, seeking to generate more and more opportunities in the communities where we are present. To achieve this, our selection tool (Gupy) prioritizes candidates from the nearest communities based on postal codes. We also invest in advertising in public places such as Job Assistance Centers, fairs, etc

Agente da Gente Program (People’s Agent)

Agente da Gente has been active at Dexco since 2017 and its goal is to mobilize employees to be engagement/multiplying agents. Initially, employees are trained so they can be apt to talk with the community, helping ascertain a local social diagnosis.

We believe this way we create a team in every unit whose work directly helps built a joint agenda for local development.


Rodas de Diálogo (Conversation Roundtables)

Conversation Roundtables are an active listening and engagement process through which we not only improve our relationship and expand our conversation, but also helps us understand what each community is like, important issues, and who the main local players are. This way, it is possible to select initiatives to receive private social investment that meet their priority needs, build a legacy, promote social transformation, and leave a positive impact.

There are four steps to conversation roundtables, starting with the mobilization and preparation of the Agente da gente employees to work in the program. Then, roundtables are held with local players (when it comes to a community, we involve locals and nearby associations, as well as companies and institutions we deal with or believe it is important to do so).

Once the roundtable has been held, the agents prepare the minutes and devise an Action Plan, listing up to three local initiatives that will be carried out throughout the year. The documentation and materials are shared with our Social Responsibility area, which together and aligned with the company’s strategy, selects the proposals that will receive resources, annually.

The project selection process involves several internal and leadership areas before they are put in place.

The process can be seen on the right:

Conversation roundtable in the local community
Proposal submission
ESG Management analysis
Compliance analysis
Executive and Sustainability Committee approval
Project evaluation/Finalization
“D + Valor” (Give More Value) Volunteering Program

Our corporate volunteering program is currently dedicated to the professional qualification of socially-vulnerable young people through the Formare Program, engaging our employees as volunteering educators during working hours In 2022, we had the commitment of 44 employees who contributed to the education of 13 young people at Jundiai (SP)


Promoted by Fundação Iochpe and carried out by Dexco since 2003, Formare* educates young apprentices and relies on our employees as volunteering educators. The program encompasses theoretical and practical courses. Based on that, study materials whose content is connected with our operations are prepared together with Fundação Iochpe. Some of the young people from each group are hired to work at Dexco. The project has already been carried out in seven of our sites and trained 650 young people.


Programa Na Mão Certa (On the Right Track Program)

Developed by Childhood Brasil, Na Mão Certa* brings companies together by adhering to the Corporate Pact against the forced labor and modern slavery and child labor in the supply chain. It is a commitment that Dexco took part since 2007. The goal is to tackle this grave violation of human rights. Periodically, we raise awareness on the subject with our suppliers, so that they can act as agents on the roads, through the Dexco Supplier Management (GFD) program and run internal awareness campaigns.


In addition to Brazil, Dexco conducts social initiatives in Colombia. There, the company develops a project aimed at communities that live in our forests’ catchment areas. Several projects are carried out, leading to the identification and mitigation of the impacts caused by our operations on these communities, in addition to conflict resolution. The initiative has been active since 2012, in partnership with the Fundación Gestión Social y Ambiental.

*Documents available only in Portuguese