Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Journey (D&I) is a strategic theme for Dexco and part of our organizational culture. We sustainably seek to become an increasingly more inclusive, high-performance company, in which our employees find themselves in a safe, diverse, plural environment, where they can be true to themselves and valued for that. And we do that through affirmative actions, projects, and awareness programs.

We believe diverse teams enrich the work environment and allow ideas and experiences to add value to business solutions that permeate several social contexts, leading to a more equalitarian society. Diversity and inclusion transform the organization culture and create a work environment in which every employee has access to the same opportunities, spaces, and respect. Additionally, these are increasingly more important requirements to attract and retain talents.

This way, we develop actions for those joining in, to ensure diverse human characteristics, and internally, with actions that value these differences and create an even more inclusive environment. Developing a D&I program is a journey. And to do that sustainably, over the past few years, we have focused on two main areas: Gender and Disabled People. Reflecting the growth of our agenda, in 2022 we included the Race/Ethnicity theme, in addition to valuing differences and intersectionality.

Our goal is that the diversity actions we have boosted over the past few years continue to gain momentum. 

See below some of our initiatives:

Training and sensitization of the Executive Committee and leadership
Training for employees on diversity and inclusion issues
Creation of the DE&I debate group by business division
Entrance Programs with a Diversity and Inclusion Look
Participation in forums and movements, such as REIS - Business Network for Social Inclusion/Women's Movement 360º
Setting diversity targets focused on people with disabilities
Operation training programs for women and people with disabilities
Setting a Diversity Goal with a focus on hiring women in leadership positions
Maternity Leave Return Indicator Monitoring

Career Attraction, Development and Acceleration Programs

Seeking programs with a diversity and inclusion perspective, Dexco launched in 2022 programs aimed not only at developing female leaders – one of the pillars of its 2025 Sustainability Strategy – but also at those seeking a space in the job market.

  1. Programa Delas – Combines the training of diverse knowledge to develop future female industrial leaders. Over the course of a year, participants will delve deeper into the Dexco culture and qualify with the support of experienced professionals from the industrial segment.
  2. DEXtination – Aims to attract and develop professionals with the potential to take on key future positions, whether as a process, project or team manager, according to the profiles and opportunities available at the end of the program.
  3. Programa Geração D – This program aims to develop the skills and abilities of undergraduate students to become future professionals in the company. The intern will have two years to develop professionally, in the various vacancies we have spread across our units in Brazil, and will be evaluated and will be able to take entry positions in the company.


In order to make all Company employees aware of the importance of addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion in the corporate environment, Dexco adopted Literacy actions among its employees, which is nothing more than raising awareness of issues, seeking not only awareness, but new perspectives and postures on the themes. In 2022, Dexco conducted literacies on topics focused on:

Diversity and Inclusion Guidebook

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Guidebook, created in 2022, establishes and communicates Dexco’s values in building an inclusive culture for all audiences, providing guidance on concepts and expected behaviors with focus on key social markers: Gender, Persons with Disabilities, Race and Ethnicity, LGBTI+ individuals, and their intersections. Click here to learn more.