Health and Safety

PROTEG is our Work Health and Safety Program. Our 2021-2023 plan is based on five Guiding Principles (Communication, Training and Awareness, Structural Adjustments, Ergonomics, and Monitoring) aligned with PROTEG’s three pillars (People, Safe and Healthy Work Environment, and Strategy).

In adherence with ISO 45.001:2018 standards and a policy to set guidelines, reach, and premises, PROTEG encompasses our senior management (Executive Commission) and all stakeholders that may be affected by the company.

Protecting means stopping someone from being harmed, keeping an eye out for oneself and others, a true act of collective care.

PROTEG’s Pillars

Ensure the development of all workers (employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, and other stakeholders) in terms of safety and health through a commitment overtaken by our leadership, assignment of responsibilities to all, effective communication, and collective care.

Safe and health work environment

A work environment, facilities, machinery, and equipment that meet all legal requirements and the best health, safety, wellness practices.


Actions, alignment, coordination, good practices, and strategies that set responsibilities, programs, and guidance to help make decisions regarding safety and health issues.



  • Efficient channels and rituals
  • Customization of information
  • Intensity and frequency

Training and Awareness

  • Agenda systematization
  • Constant technical development
  • Efficacy monitoring
  • Right people x processes
Safe and health work environment

Structural Adjustments

  • Protections / Equipment
  • Investments
  • Indicator Management / Critical Incident Systems
  • Evaluations / Audits
  • Digital records and correlations
Pro-active Safety Indicator

Safety indicators commonly adopted by companies are accident frequency rates (injuries). However, they are reactive indicators, as they measure the occurrence and frequency of past events.

One of the definitions of safety is the protection of employees through risk management.

Injury rates do not measure risk, nor do they look objectively into existing risk factors.

In line with our strategic goal to see our employees live better, we have developed a new tool to monitor safety performance called PROTEG’s Pro-Active Indicator (IPP).

This indicator considers risk factors that exist in critical activities and the presence of critical precursor incidents in our facilities.

Cuidar Juntos (Taking Care Together)

In addition to PROTEG, we also have Cuidar Juntos, Dexco’s Health and Wellness Program, which covers the company’s employees and their dependents across the board. Cuidar Juntos is structured in four pillars:

Health promotion and disease prevention:

health-related educational and communication actions and preventive interventions.

Occupational health management:

strategic occupational health appointments, medical certificate management, and leave of absence management.

Preventive health management:

actions aimed at employees’ preventive health care, including chronic patient monitoring, mental and emotional health, vaccination campaigns, and pregnant women monitoring.

Integral health:

services and actions focused on employees’ integral health.

In each one of these pillars, actions are developed focused on the employees’ integral health. Learn more about three of them:

PAP - Pronto Atendimento Pessoal (EAP - Employee Assistance Program):

Support service for psychological, financial, legal matters and social service orientation for employees and their immediate families. PAP was especially important during the pandemic, mainly for psychological care.

Gestar Juntos (Maternity Program):

Monitors employees and their pregnant dependents’ pregnancy and postpartum periods, providing support and guidance for each phase to ensure the well-being of pregnant women and their babies, minimizing the risks of premature birth.

De Bem com a Mente (Mental Health Program):

Mental health promotion through prevention, identification, support, and rehabilitation measures. These actions represent an advance in the valorization of the employees’ quality of life and consolidation of actions and promotion of integral health.