Dexco has publicly committed to legal compliance and sustainable development through its Environmental Policy and management practices. Our principles apply to all of our manufacturing, administrative, and forestry sites and guide our management based on Dexco’s values, which are described by our purpose and organizational culture (Our Way to Be and Do Things), aiming process and control improvements.

The company takes ISO 14001 as a framework to implement its Environmental Management System across its manufacturing sites.

Our forestry operation has been certified for Responsible Forest Management since 1995, ensuring its activities are carried out in an economically feasible, environmental friendly, and socially beneficial way.

Environmental Policy

To promote continuous process improvement and strengthen our operations’ controls, Dexco’s Environmental Policy sets the management guidelines for environmental matters and their respective risks and impacts. It aligns with the company’s values, purpose, and organizational culture, reaffirming our commitment to an environmentally-friendly operation.

We manage environmental indicators and set targets for water, energy, waste, and greenhouse gas (GHG), which are periodically monitored and reported.

Effective since 2011, Dexco’s Environmental Policy is referenced in international and internal standards, with public commitments that guarantee forest management without deforestation, conservation of biodiversity and respect for the legal and customary rights of local and traditional communities. Still on this subject, through its Human Rights Policy, the Company undertakes to quickly repair and communicate the interested parties, applying disciplinary measures, when applicable and promoting improvement in its processes and conducts, whenever necessary.

Applicable to all of our manufacturing, administrative, and forestry sites, our Environmental Policy sets the following principles:
Compliance with NBR ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

ISO 14001, the international standard that sets the requirements to structure an Environmental Management System, provided the framework for Dexco’s Environmental Policy. It encompasses environmental management control actions and measures.

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Additionally, we have adopted important initiatives over the past few years, like:

Commitment to Biodiversity

We recognize the importance of forests and other natural ecosystems and are committed to ensuring responsible forest management in the areas where we operate, as long as our business can impact these environments. For this, we signed the Dexco’ Commitment to Biodiversity, where we highlight:

  1. Zero deforestation or conversion of natural ecosystems in forest management activities
  2. The non-use of wood that has been illegally exploited or in violation of traditional and/or civil rights, taken from areas of high conservation value threatened by management activities or areas of deforestation of natural forests; an
  3. With 97% of forest areas in Brazil certified by standards of excellence in forest management, we guarantee that the wood used as raw material in our production processes comes from certified forests or other controlled sources.

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In 2023, Dexco released the document “Biodiversity: Management and Indicators,” which compiles the main actions and results of the Company for biodiversity management. Click here to learn more about this topic.