Starting point

Right after the structuring and advance of the environmental agenda at Dexco, we identified the opportunity to develop and implement a strategic plan of Corporate Social Responsibility Guideline.


Mapping of intersections of relevant social themes that positively impact the local community.

Connect with clients and consumers approaching our performance in ESG journey.

Capacity building for local communities, house renovation and construction initiatives.

Investment in the impact business ecosystem with a focus on social housing and decent housing.

Pillars of the Social Strategy


The Social Responsibility area is focused on 3 (three) pillars, having as transversal axis the look at our employees (the “internal social”).

Each pillar will have initiatives, goals and indicators, improving the efficiency of the processes and guaranteeing the management of Private Social Investment.



Focus on the surrounding communities and local development, through donations, dialogue circles and corporate volunteering.

Check out our relationship with the community and initiatives

Tax Incentive


Efficiency in proposing and managing initiatives, taking as a starting point the dialogues with the communities

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Strategic Investment


Dexco Private Social Investment. Investments in initiatives focused on and decent housing, identification of networks, coalitions and strengthening of the ecosystem of impact businesses focused on the theme.


Goals of Private Social Investment

Sponsor projects in all municipalities where we have operation.
Contribute to local development, through social projects aligned with the strategy, with great efficiency in management and high invesment assertiveness.

The investment criteria are:

Social vulnerability index of the municipality
Social demands and opportunities identified in the dialogues with the Communities
Relevant causes: Health, environment, culture, education and decent housing
Priority beneficiaries: Children and adolescents
Present perennial results to the communities
Organization’s ability to implement the initiative
Ter relação com um ou mais ODS prioritário da Dexco ou alinhado com a estratégia Social
Connection to one or more of Dexco' s priority SDGs or aligned with the Social Guideline


The definition of investments is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In addition to the prioritized SDGs for Dexco (highlighted), the initiatives can cover others, due to their specific expected results.

Project Cycle

The monitoring of the projects contribute to identify whether:
Resources were invested efficiently
The beneficiaries were reached
The expected results were achieved
Social Impact X Local demands
Projects Goals
Dexco’s Private Investment purpose
Dialogues with the Communities
Dexco’s Investments goals



  • Beneficiaries of the projects;
  • Total amount invested;
  • Number of reached Organizations;
  • Media exposure.

Tax Incentive

  • Beneficiaries of the projects;
  • Total amount invested;
  • Number of reached Organizations;
  • Media exposure.


  • Demands identified and met;
  • Community satisfaction;
  • Network of local partners;
  • Beneficiaries reached and value generated by donations.


  • Employees’ Social engagement

Results 2023



* Aracaju, Cabo Santo Agostinho, Cajamar, Jundiai, Queimados, São Paulo, Guarulhos, Agudos, Itapetininga, Taquari, Uberaba, Criciúma, Atibaia, Botucatu e Porto Alegre.


Invested in sponsorships (R$)


Projetct Beneficiaries


Sponsored projects in 2023


Implemented Projects

* 1 project in 2021, 11 projects in 2022 and 1 project in 2023 were sponsored.