Taking care of life wherever it is one of the behaviors that constitute Our Way of Being and Doing, which is why since 2020 Dexco has supported initiatives aimed at fighting Covid-19.

#Mãosàobraparavencerovírus (#Workinghardtobeatthevirus)

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, Dexco closely monitors the situation and, in line with measures taken by the WHO and government agencies, assesses the need to implement actions on a daily basis to fight the spread of the pandemic and prevent any harm to the health and safety of its employees, partners, as well as our commitment to consumers, working on the following fronts:

Workforce Protection

We have implemented all protocols in the company, in Brazil and in Colombia, observing the particularities of each business.

Actions For Society

What Have We Done To Help Fight Covid-19?

Since 2020, we have donated more than R$ 10M to more than 20 projects throughout the country. In 2021, we adhered to the Together for the Vaccine* movement, giving cold chambers to 23 cities in Paraíba, Pernambuco, and Sergipe, enabling them to receive and store Covid-19 vaccines, in addition to donating our products and hospital supplies to hospitals and ERs specialized in triaging and fighting Covid-19.


Supported Institutions*

Effective, Transparent Communication

What Have We Done To Help Fight Covid-19?

Among other things, we are committed to transparency. At Dexco, we share with our employees, families, and partners important tips and guidance that reinforce preventive measures against the coronavirus. Here, we believe we need to keep going, and only by sticking together and acting responsibly can we beat this pandemic.

*Documents available only in Portuguese