Governance Structure

Our governance structure makes it possible to create value for our business and all of our stakeholders in the long term. It supports the execution of our Strategic Plan and makes it possible to create mechanisms to mitigate risks and seek market opportunities and continuous ESG performance improvements.

Controlling Shareholders
General Shareholders' Meeting
Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance Management

The fact that Dexco’s independent advisors are members of other company’s advisory boards may give rise to the issue of overboard. We believe that doesn’t happen with Dexco’s governance, as shown by how often these advisors attend meetings.

Governance Secretariat

The Governance Secretariat autonomously and impartially provides direct support to the governance system across the board by managing the flow of information and integrating deliberative (general assembly and advisory board), executive (president and other directors), supervision (fiscal board, audit committee, audits), and advisory (committees) instances.